Frequency inverter

Frequency Inverter

Our company deals with frequency inverters, being one of our key products. This is why we need to offer great quality and trustworthy frequency inverter types to our customers. Taking this into consideration, we created our current frequency inverter product range and the main aspects are favourable price, trustworthy operation and fast delivery.

Our frequency inverters are made in Europe, devices of Invertek Drives are all made in the United Kingdom

Frequency inverter for generic use

For generic use
V/f and vector controlling
1/3 phases 3/3 phases
IP20 / IP66 enclosure

Frequency inverter for single phase motors

Controlling of 230V motors
V/f controlling
IP20 and IP66 enclosure

Frequency inverter for pumps and ventilators (HVAC)

Ventilator controlling
Pump controlling
V/f and vector controlling
1/3 phases
3/3 phases
IP20 or IP66 enclosure with or without switch”

Smart frequency inverter with PLC function

Integrated PLC function
Increased knowledge standard
Increased number of in/output
V/f vector controlling
1/3 phases
3/3 phases
IP20 or IP66 enclosure with or without switch

Motor mounted frequency inverter

Integrated PLC function V/f vector controlling 1/3 phases 3/3 phases Optional potentiometer, display, control devices

OptiTools Studio

Installation, adjustment and diagnostic can be done with the built-in buttons and display, or with a PC. The manufacturer offers free software for this purpose.

Closed device

Most drive regulators are orderable with an increased IP rating, with completely closed housing and also in a washable edition.

Numerous accessories are orderable for the device:



For copying and saving programs and for Bluetooth connection


Removable keypad

Removable display with the help of cables; can be placed into a cabinet with a frame – together with control devices


OLED display

Multi-language display which shows date about the motor and also the names of the menu during programming


Braking resistor

Braking resistors can be placed behind the heat sink, which absorb energy recovered from braking.


USB – RS-485 converter

Converts the RS-485 cable for the USB port, which can be connected to the frequency inverter.



Connects more devices on the same network


Encoder card

Supplementary card usable for ECO and P2 series, which is capable of receiving signals.


Signal transmitting cable

RS485 cable, used for creating connection between the PC and connecting more devices together


RFI filter

As a supplement for EMC filters to such a place where a standard EMC filter is not enough


Input choke

Reduces input harmonic distortions and protects from voltage peaks and breaks.


Output filter

A filter which ensures a more damped output waveform, needed for the usage of longer or parallelly used motor cables to reduce RFI emission


OptiTools Studio

With the help of this free software, we can program devices from a PC, save/restore programs and supervise them.

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